Ralph Wallen, born about 1590 in England, arrived at Plymouth Colony in 1623 aboard the ship "Anne" along with his wife Joyce. They were aboard the third ship of Pilgrims to arrive at Plymouth, the "Mayflower" in 1620 and the "Fortune" in 1621 having preceeded them. Ralph Wallen died before 1643.

Thomas Walling I, born about 1627, was likely a son of Ralph and Joyce Wallen. No documentation has been found proving this relationship. Thomas Walling I was married to Mary Abbott and Margaret White Colwell. By 1657, he was in Providence, Rhode Island where he was named a commissioner. Thomas Walling I died in 1676 in Providence.

Thomas Walling II was born October 22, 1662 at Providence, Rhode Island. He married Sarah Elwell in 1695 and the family moved to Salem County, New Jersey. Thomas Walling II died there in 1724. He was a carpenter and farmer.

Elisha Walling, Sr. was born July 26, 1708 in Salem County, New Jersey. He married Mary Blevins about 1730. In 1732, 1733 and 1734, Elisha Walling, Sr. was on the tax list of Prince George County, Maryland. In 1746 he patented land on the Smith River near today's Martinsville, Virginia. Several of his children were early settlers in the areas that became Hancock County, Tennessee and Lee and Scott Counties, Virginia. Children of Elisha Walling, Sr. and Mary Blevins Walling:
            Thomas Walling (1730-1800) married Mary Cox
            Elisha "The Longhunter" Wallen (1732-1814) married Catherine Blevins
            Joseph Wallen (1734-1792) married Milly Jones
            Sarah Wallen (1736-?) married Clement Lee
            Margery Wallen (1738-1812) married Isaac Rice or John Rice
            Elizabeth "Betsy" Wallen (1748-?) married William Roberts, Sr.
            John Wallen (1750-1836) married Frances Hale/Mary Roberts and Elizabeth Roberts       
            James Walling (1751-1786) married Mary ?
            Allen Walling


Joseph Wallen was born 1734 in Prince George County, Maryland. He married Milly Jones about 1767.  Joseph Wallen received a land grant of 640 acres from the State of North Carolina in 1787 for his service during the Revolutionary War. The land is located on the North side of Clinch River in today's Hancock County, Tennessee. Children of Joseph Wallen and Milly Jones Wallen:
            Elizabeth Wallen born 1769 married Littleton Brooks
            James Carr Wallen (1771-1845) married Mary Johnson
            Nancy Walling (1773-1850) married Elias Weddle
            Susannah Wallen (1778-1841) married ? Hurd and William Rogers
            Rosamond Walling (1780-1850) married Thomas Weddle
            Mary Walling born 1782 married Daniel Weddle
            Morning Walling born 1784 married Stephen Wilburn

James Carr Wallen was born March 18, 1771 in Virginia. He is the only known son of Joseph Wallen and Milly Jones Wallen. He married Mary Johnson in 1791, a daughter of Moses Johnson. Children of James Carr Wallen and Mary Johnson Wallen:
            Nancy Wallen born 1791 married Thomas Lawson
            Elizabeth Wallen born 1793 married William Baker
            John J. Wallen born 1794 married Elizabeth Wallen
            Millicent Wallen born 1797 married Abraham Bledsoe
            Joseph B. Walling (1798-1853) married Elizabeth Baker
            Susannah Wallen (1804-1875) married John S. Baker
            James F. Wallen (1809-1864) married Peggy Robinson
            Henry Wallen born 1811
            Hannah Wallen born 1811 married Simeon Frost
            William J. "Big Sandy" Wallen (1816-1886) married Jane Banks
            Jesse Wallen born 1819 married Susan Roberts

William J. "Big Sandy" Wallen was born July 14, 1816 at Kyles Ford in Hawkins (now Hancock) County, Tennessee on the farm first settled by his grandfather Joseph Wallen. He married Jane Banks in 1836 at Kyles Ford, Tennessee. Big Sandy served in Company L, 8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Union) during the War Between the States. In addition to farming the land on the Clinch River, Big Sandy was a blacksmith. He was a local legend known for his enormous strength. Children of William J. "Big Sandy" Wallen and Jane Banks Wallen:
            Milly Wallen (1838-1856)
            Joseph Banks Wallen (1840-1912) married Susan Baker and Eliza Tignor
            Malinda Wallen born 1842 married Matt Bowman
            Elender Wallen (1844-1918) married John Baxter Bloomer
            Sarah Wallen born 1846 married James Dingus
            Anna Wallen born 1848 married James Moore
            Icy Wallen born 1852 married Jess Gilliam
            John Wallen (1854-1937) married Elizabeth Fleenor and Sarah Jane Parson
            David Wallen (1857-1942) married Polly Ann Hurd
            James C. Wallen (1862-1947) married Rebecca Ann Willis

Joseph Banks Wallen was born February 14, 1840 at Kyles Ford, Hawkins (now Hancock) County, Tennessee on the Wallen family farm. He married twice. His first wife was Susan Baker; with her he had two children, Luther Wallen born 1866 and Elizabeth Wallen born 1868. Susan died in 1868 and Joseph B. Wallen married Eliza E. Tignor in 1869, daughter of Anderson Tignor. Joseph B. Wallen served during the War Between the States for both the Confederate Army and the Union Army. He was conscripted into the Confederate Army and served in the 43rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry at Vickburg. Following the fall of Vicksburg, he, along with other captured Confederates, was paroled and allowed to return to Kyles Ford. On October 1, 1863 he enlisted in the Union Army at Camp Nelson, Kentucky. He
served in Company L, 8th Regiment, Tennesse Volunteer Cavalry and achieved the rank of First Sergeant.  After the War, Joseph B. Wallen experienced the call to preach the Gospel and became a Primitive Baptist elder. He died August 12, 1912 and was buried with Masonic honors. Children of Joseph Banks Wallen and Eliza Tignor Wallen:
            Sarah Josie Wallen (1870-1913) married Richard Johnson
            Cordelia Wallen (1871-1910) married David Roberts
            Martha J. Wallen (1872-1901) married Hampton Hurd and Thomas Johnson
            Malinda Ellen Wallen (1874-1956) married Burdine D. Fisher
            John Wesley Wallen (1875-1955) married Sarah Brotherton and Kate Pierson
            Leander Wallen (1877-1957) married Ida Waddell
            William Henry Wallen (1879-1958) married Laura Brotherton and Bertha E. Bledsoe
            Phebe Tennessee Wallen (1880-1905) married Lilburn J. Fisher
            Mary P. Wallen (1884-1940) married Hampton R. Willis
            Rufus Isaac Wallen (1885-1953) married Emmaline Waddell
            Joseph Loyd Wallen (1887-1975) married Ethel L. Bledsoe
            Arthur D. Wallen (1890-1897)

William Henry Wallen was born May 22, 1879 at Kyles Ford, Hancock County, Tennessee. He married Laura Parolee Brotherton in 1907 and had one child, Golda Mae Wallen born 1908. After Laura's death, he married Bertha Elizabeth Bledsoe in 1911, daughter of Isaac Wesley Bledsoe and Rebecca Catherine Wallen Bledsoe of Lee County, Virginia. The family left Hancock County in the 1940s and moved to a farm near Kingsport, Tennessee. Henry Wallen died October 6, 1958 and is buried at the Poplar Grove Primitive Baptist Church cemetery. Children of William Henry Wallen and Bertha Bledsoe Wallen:
            Oval Joe Wallen (1911-1967) married Evelyn Miller and Juanita Price
            Belva Edith Wallen (1914-1916)
            Ellis Isaac Wallen (1916-1988) married Mildred Wells
            Jesse Burnis Wallen (1919-1940)
            Lola Mae Wallen (1923-1981) married Doyle Robinette
            Glynn Everett Wallen (1926-1967) married Jenny Fincher and Opal Morelock
            Delmer Howard Wallen (1929-2008) married Jean Casteel
            Paul Stanley Wallen (1932-2008) married Jean Ferguson

Oval Joe Wallen was born December 11, 1911 at Kyles Ford, Hancock County, Tennessee and died March 28, 1967 in Kingsport, Tennessee. He was educated in Hancock County public schools and Lincoln Memorial University at Harrogate, Tennessee and was a school teacher and salesman. He married Evelyn Miller before 1940 and had two sons:
            Artus Gaines Wallen (1940-living)
            Derrill Wallen (1942-living)

He married Juanita Price of Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1949. Children of Oval Joe Wallen and Juanita Price Wallen:
            Joe E. Wallen born 1951 married Cindi J. Anderson
            Jay Michael Wallen born 1954; died 2015

Joe E. Wallen was born 1951 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. He married Cindi J. Anderson
of Bozeman, Montana. Joe is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Viet Nam era, and is a retired vocational instructor.  They have one son, Josh E. Wallen born 1988. They have resided in Johnson City, Tennessee since 1978.


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